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  • We live in a time brimming with potential

    Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has renewed the faith of millions with his focus on service, responsibility, humility, and generosity of spirit.

    But, to fully renew and revitalize our faith community, we must address the pressing needs facing our parishes, clergy, schools, and charities; seize the best opportunities to spread the Word of God and deepen our connections to it.  

    As our Church has grown and changed – and our world has done the same – so have its needs. For several years, we have been taking steps to ensure we can provide the right services and programs to the 2.6 million Catholics in the 10 counties and 294 parishes that comprise our archdiocesan family. Moving forward, our vision is to provide a continuum of support for all who seek it through our parishes and ministries. We will do this through enhanced collaboration and resourcesharing – but also through raising the additional funds necessary to sustain them.